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Product Version1.1.5 
Summary0009910: CANNOT SORT PROJECT alpabetically when click on link IN VIEW ISSUES PAGE when $g_show_bug_project_links=ON. FIX IN 1.2 not 1.1x

When you click on a category link in the view page (if $g_show_bug_project_links is on), it really does nothing. You would at least expect it to sort by project.. It just goes to view_all_set.php?sort=project_id&dir=DESC&type=2 then foes back to view issues page with NO change. <b>This is a known problem and has been corrected in 1.2x but no correction in 1.1.4 or 1.1.5. Anyone have a dif file patch or something to remedy this?</b>

Steps To Reproduce

Reqs: $g_show_bug_project_links=ON, you have more than one project and more than one ticket posted to different projects and access to all projects at least with view permissions..

Goto view issue page and click on any category link in the results. Nothing happens. However, if you click on Category link in the table header, it will sort by category BUT NOT project.

This should be easy fix for the mantis developers who are aware of this issue. Assuming small change in view_all_set.php

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2008-11-28 10:13

reporter   ~0020097

can you find the corresponding bug we for the 1.2 branch?



2008-11-28 14:19

reporter   ~0020099

I don't think it's really fixed in 1.2.x. In my fairly recent 1.2.x snapshot (svn r5751, with a number of later bug fixes applied), sorting by Category groups bugs by projects, and sorts categories within projects alphabetically, but projects themselves are not sorted. So it displays a project starting with 'I', then 'X', then 't', followed by 'U', ...



2008-11-28 15:09

reporter   ~0020100

Hey guys. I may have mislead you slightly.. I am sorry about that... My projects were imported in alphabetical order to begin with and I thought alphabetical sort worked in 1.2.x when it actually does NOT WORK... Unlike 1.1.x it does sort, but ONLY sorts by ID number in mantis_project_table in mysql and NOT alphabetically..

However, I was correct about stock versions of 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 in so much as sorting did not work at all.. However, I found a fix for 1.0.x and madified it slighly and implimented it into 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 successfully. However, like 1.2.x, even with my change, it only sorts by ID number and not alphabetically. See 0007001 for the fix that is NOT quite right.

I am experimenting with sorting functions but cannot get it to work right.. any ideas?

P.S. THanks for the response by both of you. Much appreciated!

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