Customizing Severity Level

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Customizing Severity Level

Post by mehmet »

Dear all,

I am trying to add a new severity level for the bug_report_page.php. What I have done is, I have added;

In constant_inc.php I added

# severity
define( 'FEATURE', 10 );
define( 'TRIVIAL', 20 );
define( 'TEXT', 30 );
define( 'TWEAK', 40 );
define( 'MINOR', 50 );
define( 'MAJOR', 60 );
define( 'CRASH', 70 );
define( 'CRITICAL', 75 );
define( 'BLOCK', 80 );

In config_defaults_inc.php I added;

$g_severity_enum_string = '10:feature,20:trivial,30:text,40:tweak,50:minor,60:major,70:crash,75:critical,80:block';

But when I open the bug report page, I always get different characters instead of "critical". Can you please help me how to solve this problem ?

Thank you all in advance

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Re: Customizing Severity Level

Post by atrol »

Never ever change constant_inc.php or config_defaults_inc.php

Customize your severity values the way it's described in documentation
Have a look at the example how to introduce a new status value. ... IZE.STATUS
Please use Search before posting and read the Manual

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