KUDOS and THANKS for an Excellent v2

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KUDOS and THANKS for an Excellent v2

Post by Starbuck »

I haven't done a full install / config / manage of MantisBT since v1. As I go through this now I'm VERY pleased with the new look in v2, the functionality, the docs, and all of the effort that's been put into this. Sincere thanks goes to everyone who contributes, including users who post questions and requests for enhancements and fixes.

I've had Bugzilla installed at a client's site for a couple years but have grown frustrated with its limitations. It's old, slow to change, there is almost no ecosystem of plugins built around it, and it's written in Perl rather than PHP. When the P in LAMP was Perl, that was fine, but IMO Perl has died a slow death and apps like Bugzilla are just in survival mode. So I've just installed Mantis for one client and will probably replace Bugzilla for the other.

I also use the trackers in GitHub and BitBucket for projects posted there (and others for other software). While those BTs are built-in to their VCS platforms and thus easy to be the accepted standards for their users, they pale in comparison to Mantis. What GitHub does have, however, is more integration with the world with plugins. I know Mantis has been around a Long time but I hope this user base can grow and develop the same kind of ecosystem as seen elsewhere for integration with other environments.

As documented in the Admin Guide about how to help the project, I definitely will be blogging my experience, posting a couple tweets, sharing the love a little with others, and perhaps contributing a small bit to new or existing plugins where I can. (So much FOSS, so little time.)

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Re: KUDOS and THANKS for an Excellent v2

Post by atrol »

Thanks for the feedback, and absolutely right
Starbuck wrote:(So much FOSS, so little time.)
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