App in virtual Machine, unable to via SOAP to post bug report

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App in virtual Machine, unable to via SOAP to post bug report

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I have MantisBT set up on a Windows server and am using an app add-on called madExcept that catches errors in my app and posts them to the Mantis site. When running my app, the bug reporting process works great, but when I run the app in a virtual machine (VMWare, Hyper-V) the bug report does not get posted.

I set up the logging to be LOG ALL and then compared log files from the VM running app and the normal Windows10 running app.

The first 571 lines of the log are exactly the same except for the date-time information, then suddenly the VM running app ceases any other database activity. No error reported in the log file. The normal Windows10 running app log, shows additional INSERTS, and SELECTS with an Email report being sent to me, the admin, Finally, two attached files, the actual bug report generated by madExcept and a screen shot, are not included in the log, while they are in the normal Windows10 running app log.

Does anyone have a suggestion or idea about what is going on and how to get the VM running app to complete the bug reporting process at the Mantis site?

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Re: App in virtual Machine, unable to via SOAP to post bug report

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This is a tricky question. I would hope for you that you get an answer fromMathias Rauen who created madExcept.
What you describe, suggests is is an issue between madExcept in combination with VM, not yet with Mantis.
In case you are using the Mantis SOAP api, it is good to know that this will be deprecated (REST api is the future apparently).
Possible alternative is to have madExcept send an email to your mantis installation :roll: (this would require to have the E-mailReporting plugin to be installed).
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