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Mantis on IIS/MSSQL

Post by Jepolis »


I've desperately tried to install MantisBT using following setup:
IIS 7 (with SQL native driver for PHP 3.0)
PHP 5.4.12
SQL Server 2008 Express
MantisBT 1.2.14

My installation process has been:
1. Create a database using SMSS
2. Prepared the config_inc.php with the database details
3. Launched ../mantisbt/admin/install.php
4. Checked "Print SQL Queries instead of Writing to the Database" and tried to "install/upgrade database"
5. Copied the database queries and tried to run it in SMSS --> This results in numerous errors due to object dependencies when trying to drop columns.

For resolving this I've tried to follow all steps mentioned in (three working days with all possible combinations):

But no luck at all...

Does anyone have a similar setup as me and the possibility to provide a step-by-step guide on how to install Mantis properly...
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Re: Mantis on IIS/MSSQL

Post by obmsch »

I managed to get the following config running:

Windows 7 Prof SP1(32) - All Updates/Fixes applied (Locale: de-DE)
IIS 7.5
PHP 5.4.9
MantisBT 1.2.14 (Locale: Default)
SI-Plugins (VCS 0.18, SVN 0.16, WebSVN 0.17)
WebSVN 2.3.3
SQLServer Express 2012 (SP1)
Subversion 1.7.8
TortoiseSVN 1.7.11

But believe me that was no straight process. I tried a lot of the suggestions on bug reports, blog entries and forums. So I can't remember if I'd run through all this steps with no suggested
patches applied. At least the running MantisBT only differs in config_inc.php and source control integration plugins from the original (\admin removed).

1) Use IIS Webplattform-Installer (PHP, SQL Drivers)
2) Create Applicationpool MantisBT
- Identity: ApplicationPoolIdentity
- Load User Profile: True
- Use PHP-Manager to check your configuration and resolve all issues
(-) For source control integration I had to manually change setProfileEnvironment="true" in
applicationHost.config. Otherwise shellexec on svn doesn't work (No access to users appdir)
3) Create MantisBT site with that applicationpool
4) Set appropriate rights for that applicationpool (at least on the site dir)
5) Use SSMS to create MantisBT DB and MantisBT User(Login)
(-) Due to Locale issues with source integration(datetime), I had to set that User language to "english"
6) Create a minimal config_inc.php with
$g_default_language = 'auto';
# --- Database Configuration ---
$g_hostname = 'localhost\SQLEXPRESS';
$g_db_type = 'mssqlnative';
$g_database_name = 'MantisBT';
$g_db_username = 'your-user-name';
$g_db_password = 'your-pwd';
7) Replace org schema.php with vallens schema_new-php (-> Issue #11524)
8) Run the install
9) In SMSS manually apply the commented changes in schema_new-php
- Check that mantis_config_table.database_version has the correct values (183 for my version), perhaps not of
any use. I guess schema updates in future version wouldn't be applied automatically either.
(-) For source control integration I did at least one more (check issues on github)

Hope that works on IIS 7 and SQL Server 2008 Express too.

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Re: Mantis on IIS/MSSQL

Post by cas »

i have a very basic question for you.
Why did you need to install this on mssql opposite other alternatives ?
Were there reasons like performance or is it down to corporate standards?
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Re: Mantis on IIS/MSSQL

Post by obmsch »

no corporate standards (I'am a freelancer) or performance issues. But after more than 25 years in the DOS/Windows world,
I thought it would be easier to tackle any problem on a very known platform. And I still think it was the right decision for me.
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