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Approval of Signup Accounts Requirements


This is a place holder for detailed requirements for feature implemented in the following issue:

Database Schema Changes

  • Schema Changes
  • Upgrade steps

Do we need a change in schema? Can't we set the access level to NOBODY and block NOBODY users from logging in? Then when user is approved we change the access level to default signup access level (e.g. reporter). This way we don't need schema changes or upgrade steps.

Configuration Changes

New Email Messages

  • What are the new messages?
  • Include sample messages?
  • Moderation email should include Approve / Delete / Reject. Delete should silently delete the request, reject should allow entering a comment. In the first version we can start with just Delete.

Future Ideas

  • Upon approving a signup request, allow the user to choose a user that can be used as a template for this newly approved user. The newly approved user then gets exactly the same access level and access to private projects that the template user has.


Please place any feedback here.

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