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Mantis Linux Distributions

This page is to keep track of GNU/Linux distributions that include Mantis and to include links to the Mantis page on the websites of such distributions. This page may also include links to non-Linux distributions, e.g. a distribution which provides a Windows installer for Mantis, etc.



Note, the Mantis packages available from the Debian repositories are at this time long out of date. As a result it is highly recommended that when using this distribution you install Mantis manually.


Gentoo Linux


At the time of this writing, the Ubuntu package search results page lists the following versions of MantisBT for the currently supported distibutions:

Note: the Ubuntu package is inherited from and maintained in Debian.

Since the available version is quite out of date, it is recommended to install Mantis manually.

Frugalware Linux


Sun Solaris

Arch Linux



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