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This page assists in the first time installation and configuration of Dokuwiki. More info on this installer is available on it's own documentation page.

DokuWiki uses ordinary files for the storage of wiki pages and other information associated with those pages (e.g. images, search indexes, old revisions, etc). In order to operate successfully DokuWiki must have write access to the directories that hold those files. This installer is not capable of setting up directory permissions. That normally needs to be done directly on a command shell or if you are using hosting, through FTP or your hosting control panel (e.g. cPanel).

This installer will setup your DokuWiki configuration for ACL, which in turn allows administrator login and access to DokuWiki's admin menu for installing plugins, managing users, managing access to wiki pages and alteration of configuration settings. It isn't required for DokuWiki to operate, however it will make Dokuwiki easier to administer.

Experienced users or users with special setup requirements should use these links for details concerning installation instructions and configuration settings.

For security reasons this script will only work with a new and unmodified Dokuwiki installation. You should either re-extract the files from the downloaded package or consult the complete Dokuwiki installation instructions

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Add "Has patch" flag to improve usefulness of the "Upload File" feature [Mantis Bug Tracker Wiki]

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Add "Has patch" flag to improve usefulness of the "Upload File" feature


Database schema

Current database schema for mantis_bug_file_table

mysql> SHOW COLUMNS FROM mantis_bug_file_table;
| Field       | Type            | Null | Key | Default             | Extra          |
| id          | int(7) unsigned | NO   | PRI | NULL                | auto_increment | 
| bug_id      | int(7) unsigned | NO   | MUL | 0                   |                | 
| title       | varchar(250)    | NO   |     |                     |                | 
| description | varchar(250)    | NO   |     |                     |                | 
| diskfile    | varchar(250)    | NO   | MUL |                     |                | 
| filename    | varchar(250)    | NO   |     |                     |                | 
| folder      | varchar(250)    | NO   |     |                     |                | 
| filesize    | int(11)         | NO   |     | 0                   |                | 
| file_type   | varchar(250)    | NO   |     |                     |                | 
| date_added  | datetime        | NO   |     | 1970-01-01 00:00:01 |                | 
| content     | longblob        | NO   |     |                     |                | 
11 rows in set (0.01 sec)

Conversely, bugzilla 3.0 has, for the “attachments” table (from

Field  	        Type  	        Default     Properties  	Remarks
attach_id 	mediumint 	None 	    auto_increment 	a unique ID.
bug_id          mediumint 	0 	- 	the bug to which this is attached (foreign key bugs.bug_id)
creation_ts 	datetime 	0000-00-00 00:00:00 	- 	the creation time.
description 	mediumtext 	'' 	- 	a description of the attachment.
filename 	varchar(100) 	'' 	- 	the filename of the attachment.
isobsolete 	tinyint 	0 	- 	Non-zero if this attachment is marked as obsolete.
ispatch 	tinyint 	None 	null 	non-zero if this attachment is a patch file.
isprivate 	tinyint 	0 	- 	Non-zero if this attachment is "private", i.e. only visible to members of the "insider" group.
isurl 	        tinyint 	0 	- 	Non-zero if this attachment is actually a URL.
mimetype 	mediumtext 	'' 	- 	the MIME type of the attachment.
submitter_id 	mediumint 	0 	- 	the userid of the attachment (foreign key profiles.userid)

The fileds ispatch and isobsolete are used to implement the “status” tracking for attachments

Proposed action items

  • add ispatch and isobsolete fields to mantis_bug_file_table

Im going to create a patch that will hande that.

Im going to add 2 additional rows in >add file< section:

  • description
  • ispatch checkbox and isobsolete checkbox

Filenames of obsolete files will be crossed. Only user with selected threshold will be allowed to see the file before deletion.

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