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This page assists in the first time installation and configuration of Dokuwiki. More info on this installer is available on it's own documentation page.

DokuWiki uses ordinary files for the storage of wiki pages and other information associated with those pages (e.g. images, search indexes, old revisions, etc). In order to operate successfully DokuWiki must have write access to the directories that hold those files. This installer is not capable of setting up directory permissions. That normally needs to be done directly on a command shell or if you are using hosting, through FTP or your hosting control panel (e.g. cPanel).

This installer will setup your DokuWiki configuration for ACL, which in turn allows administrator login and access to DokuWiki's admin menu for installing plugins, managing users, managing access to wiki pages and alteration of configuration settings. It isn't required for DokuWiki to operate, however it will make Dokuwiki easier to administer.

Experienced users or users with special setup requirements should use these links for details concerning installation instructions and configuration settings.

For security reasons this script will only work with a new and unmodified Dokuwiki installation. You should either re-extract the files from the downloaded package or consult the complete Dokuwiki installation instructions

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OpenId Authentication Requirements [Mantis Bug Tracker Wiki]

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OpenId Authentication Requirements


Allow users to Authenticate themselves using an OpenId provider.

Allow users to signup for an account using an OpenId and prepopulate
the signup page with a userid, name and email address supplied by their OpenId profile.

Login Flow

  1. Show New Form with Text Box and Sign-in button for OpenIds on login_page.
  2. Process form with new page openid_login.
    • Check openid entered exists on database (and is not blocked).
    • use OpenId library to check authorisation (return to page openid_complete).
    • any errors go back to login_page with error message.
  3. User authenticates on OpenId server.
  4. Process response from the OpenId server.
    • If the user cancelled signin or some error occurred then go back to login_page with error message.
    • Retrieve the user_id associated with this OpenId from the database.
    • Login user to mantis, if fail then back to login-page (NB api change needed as we have no password).
  5. Display the page user started login process from or the default home page.
    • Complication - need to save the login success page while authorisation is checked.

Signup Flow

  1. Show New link on login_page for signup using OpenId.
  2. Click link to get openid_signup_page. This is a form for the user to enter their OpenId.
  3. Process form with new page openid_login.
    • Check openid entered does not exist on database.
    • use OpenId library to check authorisation (return to page openid_complete).
    • request that openid returns nickname, fullname and email. (and avatar ?)
    • any errors go back to openid_signup_page with error message.
  4. User authenticates on OpenId server and (possibly specifies which field values to send back).
  5. Process response from the OpenId server.
    • If the user cancelled signin or some error occurred then go back to openid_signup_page with error message.
    • Display signup_page with nickname and email values; add extra fields fullname and openid (read-only).
  6. Process signup_page as normal checking that username (nickname) and email (?) are not already in use.
    • Any errors - reshow signup_page with appropriate message.
    • Add user to database - api change needed to supply fullname and add an mantis_openid_table record.

Reauthentication Flow

  1. Allow the user to enter an OpenId (if they have one)
  2. Process openid in reauthentication code (change core?)
    • get and post parameters need to be saved.
  3. User authenticates on OpenId server.
  4. Process response from the OpenId server.
    • Any errors show reauthenication page with message to let them use userid/password if they wish.
  5. Dispay page that required authentication.

Implementation Notes

  • Use a third party library to implement OpenId support such as the PHP OpenID library by JanRain, Inc.
  • Implement as a plug-in
  • For security do not use openid uri returned from forms once the user has authenticated, use the value returned from the openid library or one stored in a session. NB do not use cookies either.
  • Passing back multiple values returned by the signup request may be easier with a class than with procedural code.
  • account_page needs to allow a user to add/remove openids.
  • should manage_user_edit_page allow an administrator to add/remove openids for a user ?

Database Changes

  • new table mantis_openid_table
    create table user_openids (
    openid_url varchar(255) not null,
    primary key (openid_url),
    user_id int not null,
    index (user_id)
  • When a row in mantis_user_table is deleted all associated rows from mantis_openid_table should also be deleted.


  • OpenId library will need to be downloaded and added to php include path.

Implementation Log

Other Changes

  • Plugin needs to be a be able to modify login page (Issue 8765)
  • Need event signal when user is deleted (Issue 8779)
  • Need event signal when user is forced to reauthenticate.


Is the JanRain library the best one to use?
JanRain libraries seem popular in the php and python communities,
but in the java world the Acegi Spring security project developers have replaced JanRain with
OpenId4Java (see


  • [vboctor] I totally support the integration of open id in Mantis and as soon as we have a stable requirements and contributed implementation, it will go into Mantis 1.2.x branch.
  • [vboctor] Do we really need to treat signup as a separate scenario from login? Can't we have the user login and if not existing, then auto-signup?
  • [vboctor] There should be a configuration option to enable / disable open id.
  • * [NT] To be handled by enabling / disabling the plugin-in.
  • [vboctor] If the allow signup configuration option is disabled, then it shouldn't be possible to signup using open id.
  • [vboctor] Specify the db schema changes involved.
  • [vboctor] Provide some sample open id providers (e.g. myopenid and yahoo/gmail when they finalize their support).
  • [vboctor] Do we need to support a mode where an admin can configure Mantis to only allow OPEN ID login/signup?
  • [vboctor] If a user is already logged in using his/her open id, what will happen when they go to Mantis (i.e. describe single sign-on scenario).
  • [vboctor] I haven't checked the license / quality of the suggested open id for PHP library.
  • * [NT] Licensed under the Apache Software License.
  • [vboctor] giallu directed me to OpenID support by Zend Framework.
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