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Templates ToDo List

  1. Prototype Conversion of view_bug_page - 90%
    • need a good way to generate top menu
    • embedding javascript by passing through an array is not optimal - suggestions?
  2. document conversion approach - 60%
  3. Refine view/update/report bug_page as a single page
  4. convert view_all_bugs page
  5. convert bug action pages, multiple bug action page
  6. convert summary and graph pages

Work Log

  • Summer/06 - (thraxisp)
    • Initial selection of Smarty, SmartyML for languages, SmartySkin for themes.
    • File structure defined
    • A significant amount of rework went into finding and separating display echo statements from the underlying data creation. For example, in generating dropdown lists.
    • use of Smarty functions and modifiers to format data and compress presentation
  • May/07 - (thraxisp)
    • reviewed and documented the work thus far
    • refined the template approach
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