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MantisBT S/MIME Plugin

This is a plugin which enables the Mantis Bug Tracker to encrypt mail notifications with X.509 certificates. It uses your existing SMTP configuration. This plugin was developed for Mantis 1.2.8 but should work in any 1.2.x version of Mantis.


You can download an archive containing this plugin HERE.

  • Unzip the archive inside your <mantis>\plugins folder.
  • Login to Mantis with your administrative account and select the “Manage” section
  • Open the plugin management page
  • Enable the “Mantis-Smime 1.0” plugin


After enabling the plugin in the mantis management section you will find a new menu item named “S/Mime Configuration”. You may select a user and upload a base64 encoded certificate file(*.pem). Every outgoing e-mail notification will be encrypted after this step is complete. Theres also the option to send a test e-mail to the user.

Known Problems

Because of the way the notification event system in Mantis works, there is currently no possible way to correctly create “relationship changed” mail notification. When normal unencrypted mails would say “ISSUE X is RELATED to ISSUE Y”, the encrypted mails only tell you that the relationship of the ticket has somehow changed.

Help & Support

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this plugin, then feel free to create an issue at or post your question in this thread

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