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UI grievances

This page collects various UI problems reported by users, to be taken as input for a MantisBT GUI redesign.


  1. can't relayout without touching every file
  2. tablebased & hardcoded styles
  3. rarely id or class attributes. no chance to css it


  1. I can't setup my own view of issues. I *think* that's my biggest gripe.


  1. test it out for a day or two and you'll know why :). Adding new entries to mantis takes way too much time.
  2. ah ok, not that mantis is a bad product, I used it for over 2 years. It's just the interface is too slow and needs a new look.


  1. #mantisbt is a good bug tracker, but he has an old layout, long development cycles and a complicated administration at file level.


  1. Well, mantisbt is good enough, unless you need to ldap auth, sso, or use the soap api. Oh, you just can't re-style.


  1. The design is very “oldschool” and I think it's actually ugly, so no good feeling while working with it, you know?


  1. Mantis customization only via config files, e.g. custom workflows
  2. little or clunky support for agile development.
  3. Jira has better overview of coming versions, better API, dated UI, file upload is better, Jira Connect.
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