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Website Requirements

Author: Victor Boctor


This page is the place holder for the requirements for a new version of the Mantis website.

Website Components

The website is currently composed of the following:

  • Main Webpages
  • Forums (phpBB)
  • Bug Tracker (Mantis)
  • Wiki (DokuWiki)
  • Manual (custom Manual implementation)
  • Manual Notes (phpWebnotes)

Look 'n' Feel

One of the main targets would be to design a consistent look 'n' feel for all these components. This will require a template for each of the Mantis website components that provides such consistent look 'n' feel.

The design should also aim for an attractive and well organize layout. Updates to the website (after re-design) should require minimal coding updates and almost no graphics work.

Possible New Components

The following components can be added to the website:

  • WordPress - Replace the use of the Mantis News with WordPress. The word press should detect and hyperlink references to Mantis issues.

Backward Compatibility

The links to the website must not be broken. Hence, current pages should still exist.


Please provide feedback here.

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