Released 2017-03-31

Feature release including security fixes and our brand new experimental REST API. The REST API can be extended by plugins and power web UI ajax features. In this release the REST API is disabled by default (expect for calls from within the web UI using cookie authentication) – see 0022598 for more details.

0022583: [attachments] Open PDFs in the browser rather than downloading them (vboctor)
0022582: [relationships] Relationships box layout is not right for reporters (vboctor)
0022585: [timeline] Show timeline for specific user (cproensa)
0022507: [ui] On Edit Filter page, 'Filter name' input field is too narrow (dregad)
0022445: [ui] Manage users page does not show filters '0'-'9' as selected (atrol)
0022474: [administration] "Obsolete configuration" warnings when running admin checks (atrol)
0022499: [documentation] Document reuse of language strings (dregad)
0022501: [ui] Enhance layout of "View Issue Details" page (atrol)
0022505: [ui] Enhance layout of "Updating Issue Information" (atrol)
0022506: [attachments] Error updating project document (atrol)
0022423: [html] ID attribute for bugnote_text (community)
0022541: [localization] Enhance wording in manage_config_email_page.php and manage_config_work_threshold_page.php pages (atrol)
0022548: [ui] Remove unnecessary 'center' class from textarea in bugnote edit page (community)
0022571: [html] Add ID attribute for bugnote_text textarea (community)
0022572: [documentation] Wrong default value in documentation of "g_show_version" (atrol)
0021552: [ui] My account preferences: move project list outside the form (cproensa)
0022543: [ui] Open images in the browser rather than download them (vboctor)
0022473: [plug-ins] Avatars should respect image aspect ratio (community)
0022590: [ui] Broken javascript and missing footer in My View Page (cproensa)
0022593: [plug-ins] Broken Snippet plugin (vboctor)
0022598: [api rest] REST API Framework (vboctor)
       0022599: [code cleanup] Use composer to pull in dependencies (vboctor)
       0022600: [api rest] Enable plugins to publish their own REST APIs (vboctor)
       0022601: [api rest] Support using REST API from Web UI Javascript (vboctor)
       0022602: [api rest] Provide a sandbox for interacting with REST API using Swagger UI (vboctor)
0022617: [code cleanup] Unneeded CSS file calendar-blue.css (atrol)
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