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0010122mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2016-07-11 15:36
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Product Version1.1.6 
Summary0010122: custom_function_override_issue_update_notify not called when assigning a handler to reopened bug

If a bug is reopened, the assign_to button is shown even if the bug is not yet in status assigned (resolution is reopened). This is not the case if a new bug is in status new, acknowledged or confirmed. Then this button is NOT shown.

Our custom function performs some action if the bug update changes the status to assigned or higher. This doesn't work if the assign_to button is used.

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2009-06-10 10:30

reporter   ~0022070

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In version 1.1.7 the bug_assign still doesn't call the function custom_function_override_issue_update_notify. Now the button "Assign to" is shown every time. Not as described above on reopened tickets only.

Solved this problem by adding the line

helper_call_custom_function( 'issue_update_notify', array( $f_bug_id ) );

to bug_assign.php



2014-06-01 17:41

reporter   ~0040710

I'm wondering if this should be closed as the customf function functionality pre-dates the plugin functionality that now exists.

In fact, I'd created a partial plugin previously to move some of the custom functions to a plugin so we could tidy up the source code.

Does anyone have any objections to removal the custom function functionality in git trunk for 1.3 and implementing a plugin for users who have legacy code.



2014-06-02 04:19

developer   ~0040713

Assuming we really want to remove custom functions (something I don't have time to think about atm), it would in any case be in scope of a 2.x release as we would potentially break a lot of installations with that.

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