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0010411mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2018-10-16 23:41
Reporterpaontis Assigned Tovboctor  
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Product Version1.2.0a3 
Target Version2.18.0Fixed in Version2.18.0 
Summary0010411: Changes to project_view_state and view_state to create only private projects

I needed to create only private projects and forbid to create public projects.
I saw in config_defaults_inc.php the following:
$g_project_view_state_enum_string = '10:public,50:private';
So in config_inc.php i put:
$g_project_view_state_enum_string = '50:private';

However in the code sometime it is used view_state where I expected to find project_view_state and viceversa.
So i did the following changes:

In manage_proj_create_page.php i changed:
<?php print_enum_string_option_list( 'view_state' ) ?>
<?php print_enum_string_option_list( 'project_view_state' ) ?>

In manage_proj_edit_page.php i changed:
<?php print_enum_string_option_list( 'view_state', $row['view_state']) ?>
<?php print_enum_string_option_list( 'project_view_state', $row['view_state']) ?>

In manage_proj_page.php i changed:
<?php echo get_enum_element( 'view_state', $t_project['view_state'] ) ?>
<?php echo get_enum_element( 'project_view_state', $t_project['view_state'] ) ?>

And, viceversa, in bug_view_page.php and bug_view_advanced_page.php i changed:
<?php echo get_enum_element( 'project_view_state', $t_bug->view_state ) ?>
<?php echo get_enum_element( 'view_state', $t_bug->view_state ) ?>

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related to 0016554 closeddregad Project privacy change from public to to private kicks manager out 
related to 0003874 closedvboctor default view state for projects 




2009-05-18 09:18

reporter   ~0021831

the same for bug_view_inc.php (included for example in the page bug_reminder_page.php):
<?php echo get_enum_element( 'project_view_state', $t_bug->view_state ) ?>
<?php echo get_enum_element( 'view_state', $t_bug->view_state ) ?>



2018-09-30 17:41

manager   ~0060715


Related Changesets

MantisBT: master 25eec2cf

2018-09-30 17:40:33


Committer: atrol Details Diff
Fix view state references

At the moment we have two configs that related to view state enum:

- `view_state` - which is used for issue and issue notes view state.
- `project_view_state` - which is used for projects.

This commit fixes cases where the wrong view state was used for the scenario at hand.
In the future, we may want to consider have a different view state enum for issues vs. issue notes.

Fixes 0010411
Affected Issues
mod - bug_actiongroup_page.php Diff File
mod - bug_change_status_page.php Diff File
mod - manage_proj_create_page.php Diff File
mod - manage_proj_edit_page.php Diff File

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