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0010419mantisbtotherpublic2019-05-24 16:47
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Summary0010419: Allow customized sorting of versions

It would be useful if the Versions sort order could be customized.

Currently versions are sorted based on their release date.

Additional sorting options to be considered: version_compare(), alphanumeric sort

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related to 0004750 new Add option to sort product version alphabetically 
has duplicate 0011095 closedjreese Version Number Definitions are sorted in a non-useful way. 
has duplicate 0014503 closeddregad Incorrect order of versions in dropdowns 
has duplicate 0015951 closedatrol Numeric releases are ordered incorrectly in Target Version menus 
related to 0025791 new sort target_version column (all version columns) by assigned date 




2009-04-27 09:01

reporter   ~0021693

If I remember correctly, version sorting is determined by the date/time associated with each version.



2009-04-27 09:27

reporter   ~0021696

Is it possible to change this? Even as a quick hack.. it is more useful to us to have it sorted alphabetically than by the date the release was created.




2009-04-27 09:34

reporter   ~0021697

Check core/version_api.php functions version_get_all_rows* and update the query to order by 'version' instead of 'date_order'. Note that this will likely affect ordering on the roadmap and changelog pages as well.



2009-07-29 05:53

reporter   ~0022596


Sorry for the delay. I have just gotten around to testing the impact of this. I can confirm it does alter the Roadmap as well - this isn't a problem.

BUT this fix does not alter the order that versions appear in on the 'View Issues' page?

However, changing the same in 'version_get_all_rows_with_subs' does seem to have the desired result. Can you advise about this?



2010-06-24 08:04

reporter   ~0025974


However, changing the same in 'version_get_all_rows_with_subs' does seem to have the desired result. Can you advise about this?

Where did it not give the desired result?
A different sorting would be useful for me, too!

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