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0010497mantisbtcustomizationpublic2017-09-21 09:56
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Summary0010497: default version and target_version

sure would be nice to be able to set a default version and target_version for creating new bug reports. Even better if it was project selectable vs editing config file... but hey, beggard wont be choosey!

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Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2009-05-24 21:39

reporter   ~0021905

fixed_in_version too... we have too many users forgetting to fill that in...



2009-05-26 16:57

reporter   ~0021923

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This is a good suggestion, but I know I don't want to manually reset the default version that is used each time a new release comes out. Maybe what is needed is a new release status like "obsolete" and "released"... but it is called "current" or "default"?

Also because of the ability to have completely different versions in different projects, this is something that won't really work well in the config file (it'd need an array... and you'd need to update it each time you change version numbers).

Mr Papa

Mr Papa

2009-05-26 17:32

reporter   ~0021929

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No, I wasnt thinking of it the config file, but in the project management UI area...

Personally, I would rather edit the project every release rather than have to make sure it gets filled in every ticket... have more tickets than releases :wink:



2009-05-30 14:01

reporter   ~0021984

fixed in version should record the version it'sfixed in - so is more something for admins to choose

Similarly, i'd expect an admin would set a target version once they've evaluated the issue



2017-09-12 14:54

reporter   ~0057702


Eager to understand if it is indeed possible to have a default setting for Target Version (or the companion fields). I share the same concern that users will neglect to make a selection.




2017-09-21 09:56

reporter   ~0057775

I would like to know when submitting and modifying bugs, TARGET_VERSION can not choose, why is it?

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