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Summary0010586: Add burn-down charts to roadmap report

A burn down chart is graphical representation of work left to do vs. time. The outstanding work (or backlog) is often on the vertical axis, with time along the horizontal. It is useful for predicting when all of the work will be completed. It is often used in agile software development methodologies such as Scrum.


Additional Information
  • Please compare with Trac's ScrumBurnDown plugin

  • It would be necessary to produce 2D drawings- this could be done via SVG (within XHTML pages) or via embedded PNG etc. Using SVG typically moves a large part of the burden of rendering out of the server onto the client. However, IE does not support SVG well.





2009-06-12 21:19

manager   ~0022121

I believe we need a Scrum plugin. It seems that one has been developed but it is not yet released for the public. It may help to chime in on the thread below and request that this be available.



2011-01-10 00:07

reporter   ~0027864

We are also interested in a form of scrum tool, but mainly for the burndown charts. I see that scrumdesk are building an interface to mantis...

maybe we should support that initiative?



2011-01-10 00:14

reporter   ~0027865

What I'd really really like is an automated calculation of the expected start and completion dates for each task based on task Priority, Resource assigned, Estimated duration, Target Release version.

This would give the Target Burn Down rate and be a great start.....



2011-01-23 14:30

reporter   ~0028034

Is anyone interested in doing this if we increase the sponsorship amount...?



2011-01-23 14:35

reporter   ~0028035

Feedback from Scrumdesk is that they have delayed work on the integration. :(

There seem to be enough bits and pieces to get something working, even if it's a basic implementation for setting a bench mark and monitoring progress....

I can't add relationships so also see;



2011-01-27 17:13

reporter   ~0028111

What I'd like is to be able to say here's a version/project start date, then have mantis calculate the expected start/finish dates of items based on their Priority, Who is assigned, Time estimate, etc and so effectively provide a "best case scenario" burn down chart.

If we could put in factors like "productivity allowance" ie how many hours a day they would actually be able to apply to their items, and holidays/away days (general public holidays, and individual) that would be great and allow more accurate targets.

This would also feed into the existing functionality of items that are overdue etc. To keep it easy we'd just use the In-Progress and Resolved states to determine progress against the calculated plan.

Maybe be able to manually initiate a recalculate of the start/completion dates so we get a new "best case scenario"?

If someone can give me the architecture that should be used for this I might put it onto freelancer so it can be done external to mantis?



2011-02-04 08:30

reporter   ~0028161

Please take a look at this plugin:

It's just a really simple one and just alpha, but try it if you wish :)



2011-04-09 09:49

reporter   ~0028579

It worked for me with Mantis 1.2.5, thx. Will mail Michael W the things I come across.



2015-04-20 15:51

reporter   ~0050565

Anyone else keen on this for v1.3?



2015-05-05 06:18

reporter   ~0050696

Any chance these issues could make it into v1.3?



2015-07-30 10:24

reporter   ~0051162

I adapted/developed the following mantis plugin to support burndown on release (sprint):

You can :

  • specify your sprint's dates (start, dev end - optional -, release)
  • specify your theoric velocity
  • estimate the complexity of each task (user story)
  • follow the progress on the BurnDown chart

Please tell me if you find any bug, and feel free to contribute so we could improve this thing altogether :)