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0010840mantisbtadministrationpublic2010-03-14 07:52
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Summary0010840: You can set a 'released version' as the target version

It is possible to use a version that is marked as released as the target version for a fix. How can something that is released be the target for a fix?

We would like it so this doesn't happen as we are getting users who are confused and simple and keep setting target versions as things that have already gone out the door. This causes issues to not get 'caught' we the manager does a search for all things expected to be in a release.

Is this a bug or a feature?

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2009-08-18 21:11

reporter   ~0022757

This is by design afaik. If you have a bug report where someone forgot to set the target version, but the target version you want to set it to has already been released, you'd still want to be able to select the released version.

It's possible that this could be turned into an option.



2009-08-19 23:21

reporter   ~0022772

Last edited: 2009-08-19 23:22

Perhaps the released state could be indicated in the list of versions. eg:

version 14 (released)
version 13
version 12
version 11 (released)
version 10

We already do this manually, by renaming the versions as they are released. But it's a pain to maintain, and it breaks any saved filters using these versions. Having an option to append the state to displayed versions would be good, and still allow users to fix-up "forgotten" issues.



2009-09-29 06:01

reporter   ~0023043

How about having a configuration variable like $g_report_issues_for_unreleased_versions_threshold, but for the "Target Version" field showing released versions? This would also be useful for the "Fixed in Version" field.

At the moment, I've had to go through all the possible pages and change where it shows all versions to only show future versions (replace VERSION_ALL with VERSION_FUTURE).

A threshold value for these would mean that, for instance, a manager could change the value to any version, but a developer would only be able to choose unreleased versions.



2010-03-11 02:51

reporter   ~0024696

Good morning,

Where we are using Mantis, this is also a problem. It would be useful to have an option so that it is possible to make the "target version" show only un-released versions.



2010-03-14 07:52

reporter   ~0024732

Last edited: 2010-03-14 07:57

I'm from In-Portal CMS community and we are also having same problem, that users are setting target versions to released onces so tasks won't show up in proper places.

Since this issue was unattended for several months, then the best solution is to as suggested in 0010840:0023043.

Also we could also add (during issue editing) currently selected version (product/target/fixed) to be always present no matter is it released or not, so simple even released task editing won't cause version to be lost.