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0010857mantisbtotherpublic2018-05-19 11:04
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Summary0010857: do not adjust "last updated" when monitor added

When someone starts monitoring an issue, also the "last updated" field is updated. Although i do support the changelog being updated, i believe that it does not justify to update the "last updated" field since nothing really happened to the issue.

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has duplicate 0010077 closedvboctor Make changing update time with issue monitoring optional 
has duplicate 0023343 closedatrol Monitor/End Monitor should not change the "last modified" date 




2009-08-25 02:30

manager   ~0022807

The reason last updated is changed when a user monitors an issue is to reflect the continued interest in the issue and bubble the issue to the top, where developers would see it again. This is similar to a "ping!" feature.

However, I agree that this behavior could be made configurable.



2018-05-19 11:04

reporter   ~0059858

I think my biggest issues here are:

  • Normal users don't see why an issue that was seemingly updated a long time ago is at the top of the issue tracker (they don't see the start/end monitor entries in the history), which looks inconsistent.
  • End monitor updates the issue, which leads to a lot of noise in the history in particular if this happens after the fact that the issue was already closed. Many users seem to remove the monitor after an issue has been resolved to keep their monitor list tidy, and I don't see why it's necessary to bring an issue to the top of the recently modified list for this action.

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