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0010949mantisbtadministrationpublic2015-12-02 16:48
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Product Version1.1.6 
Summary0010949: User with admin rights in a project can't create subprojects

User with admin rights can't create subprojects and neither can asign subprojects to himself if it doesn't have .

For instance

Project 1
-- Subproject 1
-- Subproject 2
Project 2
-- Subproject 3

I asign a user USER with role developer in mantis as a administrator role in Project 1. Then I expect that USER can asign sub projects 1, and 2. and also it should be able to create a new subproject "-- Subproject 3" in the Project 1 because the var

Threshold needed to create a new project

$g_create_project_threshold = ADMINISTRATOR;
is Administrator



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2015-12-02 04:06

reporter   ~0051991

I can confirm this as an issue in MantisBT 1.2.17 as I have run into the same problem.

If the permissions have been set for a project "create_project_threshold=MANAGER" the create project button is available for a user with the set permissions but on form submission an access denied message is displayed, in turn preventing the creation of the project.

A user who matches the permission for that project should be able to carry out that action. this issue also appears to be related to 0008892 and 0007428.

Is there any time frame as to when or if this capability will be provided in a future release of MantisBT?