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0008892mantisbtadministrationpublic2018-01-28 06:03
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Product Version1.1.1 
Summary0008892: Manager cannot create/manage subprojects

We are using several projects here in our mantis bugtracker and different development engineers are project managers of their attached projects and others are ordinary developers among these projects.

I've notived that a priviledged project manager is not allowed to create subprojects, but they are allowed to create categories and versions.
The adm_permissions_report shows that projects can only be created by admins, which is alright, but the treatment of subprojects seems not to be considered at all.

Managers should be able to have full access to their projects in that aspect.

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2008-04-24 23:52

reporter   ~0017686

I agree...

I thought that modifying the following config variable in config_defaults_inc.php would do the trick...

Threshold needed to create a new project

$g_create_project_threshold = MANAGER;

However, after doing some investigation it appears that this only applies to a user who has MANAGER privileges at the GLOBAL level...not just at a project level.

In other words, if you have a user who's default GLOBAL access is reporter but he/she manages a particular project, he/she will not be able to add subprojects to that project.

In my opinion, they should...this allows that person the flexibility to structure their subproject they way that they want and greatly reduces the overall administrator's workload.



2008-05-14 03:49

reporter   ~0017824

Last edited: 2008-05-14 03:50

The above stated is due to the fact that sub-projects in mantis are just handles as standalone projects which are attached to mantis. This has several usability problems and (AFAICS) makes it impossible to make project-creation available to non-Administrator users without lowering the overall security, as proposed by brennerrd. The one advantage of this is (told to me by one of the mantis developers), that some projects can be attached to more then one project. I suggested another solution to achieve that. However to fix this issue in my opinion a major overhaul is required.



2008-05-31 17:28

reporter   ~0017974

i had the same requirement and did the following:

  1. in config_defaults_inc.php change the threshold to manager

    Threshold needed to create a new project

    $g_create_project_threshold = MANAGER;

  2. the projects with the subprojects should be private (otherwise the user needs to be a global manager)
  3. change in the files manage_proj_create_page.php, manage_proj_create.php and manage_proj_edit_page.php the access_ensure_global_level to access_ensure_project_level


2017-01-03 17:15

reporter   ~0054908

This is an old ticket, but I'm wondering if perhaps the software now supports managers being able to create sub-projects. And if not, is anyone using a solution similar to mkornatzki's?



2017-01-04 04:23

developer   ~0054915

perhaps the software now supports managers being able to create sub-projects

Still not, sorry.



2018-01-26 05:50

reporter   ~0058614

Here the quick & dirty solution

  1. create $g_create_subproject_threshold in config_inc.php

  2. Following pages need to be changed =>

  3. I've provided zip with files changed => I'm going to create a PULL REQUEST

issue8892.tar (51,200 bytes)


2018-01-28 06:03

reporter   ~0058630

Pull Request:

implementation provides a new threshold to allow creation of subprojects.
other actions: edit, delete are controlled by the standard mantis configuration variables related to project.