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0011274mantisbtapi soappublic2015-08-10 05:49
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Product Version1.1.8 
Summary0011274: mc_issue_note_add function not honoring CreationDate

When calling the mc_issue_note_add() with an IssueNoteData object, the 'creationDate' field is not being set properly.

Steps To Reproduce

Using (for simplicity at the moment), create the note object and insert it:

                                    Dim mantNote As New IssueNoteData

mantNote.date_submitted = 0000001/1/2008 01:00:00#
mantNote.date_submittedSpecified = True
' .. Set other fields here, trimmed for sanity.
mantisConnect.mc_issue_note_add("<user>", "<pass>", mantisIssueID, mantNote)

If you run this code today (for example, 12/10/2009), the resulting note in Mantis will have the insert date instead of the explicitly supplied creation date.

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2010-02-19 16:34

reporter   ~0024445

The bugnote_api does not offer a way of passing in and I'm wary of changing the api right now.



2011-10-22 22:34

manager   ~0030030

If we ever enable the ability to provide creation time to enable some migration scenarios, then we should limit such functionality to administrator accounts.



2012-09-07 03:46

reporter   ~0032809

This problem seems also apply to the reporter supplied. The reporter of the comment is always set to the account used to connect to the SOAP API.



2012-09-09 17:43

reporter   ~0032815

(In reply to comment 0011274:0032809)

This problem seems also apply to the reporter supplied. The reporter of the
comment is always set to the account used to connect to the SOAP API.

This should work actually, I've double-checked the code. Please open a new issue if you can't set the reported by e.g. passing in a reporter (id = 12) object to the mc_issue_add function.



2015-08-05 14:23

reporter   ~0051203

@rombert I think anroy was referring to changing the reporter of a <b>note</b>, not the reporter of an issue. I can confirm that the following does not work in Mantis 1.2.19:

a) Changing the date_submitted and last_updated when using the mc_issue_add function
b) Changing the reporter of an issue



2015-08-10 05:49

reporter   ~0051221

I still think that this is a 'good thing'.

As far as I know the web UI does not allow you to change these values. If there is something that is possible from the web UI and restricted from the SOAP API I'm happy to fix it.

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