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0011399mantisbtsecuritypublic2019-11-25 11:31
Reporterdhx Assigned To 
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Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0011399: Deprecate $g_show_realname and use $g_show_user_realname_threshold instead

There are two similar configuration options: $g_show_realname (either ON or OFF) and $g_show_user_realname_threshold (a threshold). Throughout the codebase these these options are used interchangeably which is wrong - because we should always be checking the access threshold against $g_show_user_realname_threshold.

Therefore I propose deprecation of the $g_show_realname option and replacement of all uses of this configuration option with a proper access check against $g_show_user_realname_threshold

This will help ensure that user real name's aren't exposed if the administrator sets configuration options as such.

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2012-04-02 08:11

developer   ~0031588

I'm not sure; I think these settings actually control two different things.

  • $g_show_realname globally drives the use of Realname vs Username, anywhere in the application, e.g. Reporter, Assigned To, User selection lists...
    show_realname OFF ON
    Reporter trep Test Reporter
    Assigned To tdev Test Developer
  • $g_show_user_realname_threshold is only used in view_user_page.php, to determine if the current user is authorized to view the realname (if not, "Access Denied" is displayed instead).

One may want to use realnames everywhere (i.e. $g_show_realname = ON), in which case I agree with dhx that it would not make sense to set $g_show_user_realname_threshold to anything other than ANYBODY.

But if you want to work with usernames ($g_show_realname = OFF), it makes sense to be able to restrict who can see realnames.



2013-02-13 09:53

reporter   ~0035125

I've tried this solution on a working config, but I'm getting an Internal Server Error 500 as soon as I restart the webserver when I've implemented the following code:
$g_show_realname = ON;
$g_show_user_realname_threshold = ANYBODY;
What could be the reason?



2013-02-14 15:21

developer   ~0035151


I've tried this solution

What solution are you talking about ?

If you get an HTTP 500 error, you should look for further details in your system's logs.

In any case, unless I misunderstand, I don't think what you describe has anything to do with this issue's topic. Kindly open a separate issue if that's the case.



2013-02-15 01:52

reporter   ~0035162

There was a semicolon missing in the config nevermind.



2013-03-08 04:31

developer   ~0035412

Reminder sent to: grangeway

Based on my comment 0011399:0031588, I think your commit 5d6b1bb4 should be reverted as you're removing functionality by doing this, and therefore introducing a regression for instances using these configs in the manner I described.



2014-05-26 20:28

reporter   ~0040644

Reminder sent to: dregad

Damien: How good's your memory? In short, I guess we got to the point of needing to keep both variables that dhx proposed deprecating one of. I plan to have a look (And rethink at what these do over the next few days).

What i'm actually thinking about doing atm is the following:

a) keep both variables for reasons you described
b) Rename $g_show_realname to $g_use_realname
c) Change the new $g_use_realname to instead of being ON|OFF, to being a threshold value.

At first glance, i'd probably use the new value at work (i.e. I currently use username's so as not to show students firstnames - whereas i'd set staff to udpater or whatever, and then set use_realname to updater




2014-05-27 03:23

developer   ~0040647

I don't really care about the implementation, as long as the existing functionality is maintained, i.e. we need be able to
a) work with realnames, with a threshold to determine who can see them (that's the setup I had at Merck)
b) enforce use of work usernames, while restricting who can see realnames (like on this tracker)