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0011475mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-03-13 07:09
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Product Version1.2.0rc2 
Summary0011475: Merging users and multiple email addresses per user

I was wondering if it was possible to merge two user accounts into one. This often happens when you allow reporting via email and create user accounts automatically. If your customers are using different user accounts they then end up with multiple accounts and that's annoying to them and somehow for the hoster of Mantis as well.

So it would be great to be able to merge two accounts into one and at the same time assigne multiple email addresses to one user account so that in the future the user is identified properly when reporting tickets via email again.

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related to 0010207 feedback Allow multiple valids emails address per account (patch attached) 




2010-04-16 05:52

reporter   ~0025140

Has anyone else had the requirement before? Or even better: has anyone else worked on a solution for this before? If not, I would probably go into developing my own plugin for these two problems but appreciate any sort of help, thoughts or suggestions.



2010-04-16 08:00

developer   ~0025144

Some thoughts to start:

Check that an administrator is logged in.

Check which of the two accounts to be merged has higher global (not project specificc) access level
If the lowest level is administrator the operation should not be allowed.

Let the administrator decide which user will be removed.

Lets call the users A and B, where B is the remaining user

Update the column user_id to B where user_id is A in the following tables
mantis_bug_monitor_table (after updating remove duplicates)
mantis_category table
mantis_config_table (after updating remove duplicates)
mantis_project_user_list_table (after updating remove duplicate projects rows by removing those with lower access level)
mantis_user_profile_table (after updating remove duplicates)

Update the column reporter_id to B where reporter_id is A in table mantis_bugnote_table

Update the column reporter_id, handler_id from A to B in table mantis_bug_table

Remove one row in mantis_user_table, mantis_user_pref_table and mantis_user_print_pref_table
Have a closer look at function user_delete in user_api.php (user_clear_cache ...)

As I am no experienced developer of MantisBT I hope that another developer finds the time to have a look at this proposal.



2013-12-12 06:50

reporter   ~0038851

We don't need the ability to merge user accounts. But we are really interested in having multiple email addresses per user. Do you have any progress with this?



2017-03-02 11:05

reporter   ~0055874

@libregeek : maybe 0022225 is a solution for you



2017-03-13 07:09

reporter   ~0056051

I just need the ability to have multiple email addresses per user account and achieved this using the following plugin:

Please note that this plugin has a dependency on the Email Reporting Plugin.