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0011993mantisbtapi soappublic2018-05-20 07:01
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Product Version1.2.1 
Summary0011993: trigger events when bug added etc via soap

Currently no events are triggered, causing hooks by plug-ins to fail

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parent of 0013498 acknowledged EVENT_REPORT_BUG not raised via SOAP API 
has duplicate 0013436 closedvboctor Add note through soap doesn't trigger email notifications 
has duplicate 0021557 closedatrol Issue creation events are not triggered when adding issues via SOAP API 
has duplicate 0023666 closeddregad mc_issue_add does not trigger EVENT_REPORT_BUG/EVENT_REPORT_BUG_DATA event in plugin associated to bug creation 
related to 0020578 new move some events into core API 
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2010-06-04 10:04

reporter   ~0025706

@jreese : any ideas on how we should go about doing this?



2010-09-02 11:13

reporter   ~0026556

It appears that creating/modifying issues through the SOAP API doesn't trigger any notification e-mails either.

Is that caused by this issue, or should I open a separate issue that problem?



2010-09-02 15:49

reporter   ~0026557

@thijsputman : there's no need to open a separate issue, we'll track all events using this one.



2014-06-01 17:38

reporter   ~0040709

Rombert: surely this is just a case evaluting the positioning of hooks so that the hooks are consistent? i.e. I assume that the soap api doesn't block/disable the event hooks/plugins, so if event's are not getting fired, it feels like we've got events in the wrong place...



2014-08-22 04:47

reporter   ~0041111

Usually the SOAP API needs to fire the plugin events itself since the web UI triggers them directly as well.



2016-02-07 18:07

developer   ~0052475

Last edited: 2016-02-07 18:08

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There are different types of events, i think they could be classified on these two groups:
1) Events that affects web page: layout, form, etc
2) Events related to core functionality: bug update, actions, etc

Most events are of type 1, and makes sense on the web frontend.
Type 2, however, should be valid on every context, for example: a bug can be updated from a user action on the web page, a soap api call, or a direct call to core apis from plugins/custom code.
Currently these events are triggered only from the web frontend.

I think those should be moved into the core api. For the current issue, soap api ideally would call core api functions, soif the events are defined there, the behaviuor would be consistent.

(On a related issue, email notifications may have the same problem, since they are triggered from the caller, not the actual performer of the action)



2018-05-20 07:01

developer   ~0059877

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