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0012030mantisbtemailpublic2017-05-16 09:05
ReporterTomR Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.2.0 
Summary0012030: Email notify flags do not always work

I do not want reporters to get notified for changes in relationships, nor for updated issues.

So I put in config_inc.php:

$g_notify_flags['updated'] = array( 'reporter' => OFF,
'handler' => OFF,
'monitor' => OFF,
'bugnotes' => OFF,
'explicit' => OFF,
'threshold_min' => DEVELOPER,
'threshold_max' => MANAGER);

$g_notify_flags['relation']['reporter'] = OFF;

Can anyone explain why this is not working? Emails are still being sent to reporters.

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2012-05-03 09:38

reporter   ~0031747

This somehow related to 0011703 and 0013178



2013-05-24 11:46

developer   ~0036967

Some of my thoughts from

Nearly any change on page bug_update_page.php triggers sending of an e-mail which can't be suppressed by user settings.

There are options to suppress e-mail for all kind of status change and nearly all kind of actions you can trigger from page view.php
(add notes, close, reopen, .....)
Ok, there is at least one kind of action where you also can't suppress the e-mail: add a relationship
There is also no way to suppress messages which are triggered by change of custom fields.
Furthermore the e-mail notification options would have to be project specific for a clean solution (they are global atm) as custom fields are project sepcific.

We would end up in a quite huge list of options if every kind of notification can individually be set to on or off.
Having an option like "E-mail on updated" is no solution as end users would not understand which change of an issue is an update and which is not.

Maybe a global override option for the user could serve as an interim solution, something like "Disable all e-mail notifications"

Seems that the e-mail notification system needs a redesign.



2017-05-16 09:05

reporter   ~0056865

I have a question - regarding the newest version of Mantis:
Is it now possible to have a user who can do actions (like updating an issue or adding a bug-note)
without sending an information E-Mail to any other user?