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Summary0013129: firefox 3.5 and later cannot handle mantis put into a frame

I've embedded mantis into a frameset as is any page of our intranet (so each page has almost the same layout).
When using IE 7, konqueror 4.3.5, or firefox 2.0.0.x this is no problem -- the mantis display is correctly built up in the destination frame.

Later versions of firefox (I tested 3.5.x and 5.0) appear to have problems with that construction -- the destination frame is blank (without output) although index.php is processed.

For a stripped down frameset example cf. the steps to reproduce.

Steps To Reproduce

<frameset rows="500,*" frameborder=0 border=0>
<FRAME NAME="text" SRC="./index.php" frameborder=0>

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duplicate of 0012165 acknowledged Allow mantis to be loaded in an iframe 




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See duplicate 0012165 and for a workaround

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