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0013358mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2011-10-09 05:37
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Summary0013358: Resolved items showing up in the Unassigned view

Recently one of our developers marked several bugs as fixed without ever having assigned them to someone. These items still show up in the unassigned screen. Is this a known issue? While technically correct, I'd like to see the "resolved" flag override the "unassigned" one in this view, because if it's been fixed I don't want to see it.

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duplicate of 0007840 acknowledged Customizable 'my view' page 




2011-09-30 05:13

developer   ~0029890

I don't think it's a bug but a feature request which is covered by 0007840



2011-09-30 10:13

developer   ~0029897

csilbernagel, as you rightly pointed out the behavior you described is technically correct.

Furthermore I believe it is by design, as all resolved issues should be assigned to the person who fixed them. This assumption is supported by the fact that Mantis always sets the assignee to the current user when you resolve issues using the "change status to" or from the view issues page (even if you pick "blank" from the selection list).

The way the filter now works allows you to quickly identify resolved+unassigned issues and assign them, at which point they will no longer show up. Alternatively if you change status to "Closed" they will also disappear from the list.

@atrol - not sure this is really linked 0007840 but that's another story.



2011-09-30 11:18

developer   ~0029902

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I thought with the availibility of 0007840 csilbernagel can use an advanced filter (all "Resolution" != fixed && "Assigned to" = NULL && all "Status" < resolved) to get the result he wants.



2011-09-30 11:32

developer   ~0029903

@atrol - you're right.

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