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Summary0013449: Add the option to no longer include the [Project] in the category_id column

In the 'View Issues' page (and related 'print issues' page), for the standard column 'category_id', the [Project] is included in front of the category on a new line. This can be switched off using the setting 'show_bug_project_links', but this also disables the display of the project in front of bugs in the 'My view' page, which are in my opinion two completely different things.

I like the latter, but I don't like the former, since it makes every bug take up two lines even though it perfectly fits on one line. Consequently, the overview takes up needlessly much space.

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related to 0020117 new Project hyperlinks don't point to project page. 




2011-10-28 08:04

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I fixed this by adding a new setting: $g_show_bug_project_links_in_bug_overview = OFF;

And altering the following code in 'columns_api.php', function 'print_column_category_id':


type project name if viewing 'all projects' or if issue is in a subproject

if( ON == config_get( <b>'show_bug_project_links_in_bug_overview'</b> ) && helper_get_current_project() != $p_bug->project_id ) {
echo '<small>[';
print_view_bug_sort_link( string_display_line( $t_project_name ), 'project_id', $t_sort, $t_dir, $p_columns_target );
echo ']</small><br />';

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