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0014053mantisbtrelationshipspublic2012-03-19 04:10
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Product Version1.2.8 
Summary0014053: I never get duplicate_id in "View Issues"

Even if I changed the colums management and I cloned some issues trying to choose each Relationship type, I never get "duplicate_id" column in "View Issues" windows.
I tried with "All Projects" or the one I created.

Steps To Reproduce

To duplicate some issues and to make sure that duplicate_id is present in "View Issues Columns" in "Manage Columns" windows

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related to 0005114 acknowledged duplicate_id in mantis_bug_table should be deprecated and eventually removed 




2012-03-17 05:27

developer   ~0031483

duplicate_id will be removed in future versions.
It does not make sense to use this field because only one id can be stored in mantis_bug_table.
Duplicate id's (and id's of other relationships) are stored in mantis_bug_relationship_table.



2012-03-19 04:10

developer   ~0031491

Also, for reference

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