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0014167mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2019-03-23 14:17
ReporterthE_iNviNciblE Assigned To 
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Product Version1.2.9 
Summary0014167: APPLICATION ERROR #11 - a nesesay field category field was empty

APPLICATION ERROR #11 - a nesesay field category field was empty

the bug appears if you delete a project category in the administration, the assignment of the existing category changed to "(none category)". All reported bugs of the project have been changed to "(none category)".
If i change the status of the bug to "new" i can't fill out the form and save.

Steps To Reproduce
  • manage project P, create a new category C
  • create new bug X in project P with category C
  • Change status of bug X to assigned
  • delete category C
  • confirm deletion on warning that Category "C" contains issues
  • view bug X
  • change bug X's status to New (using the "Change Status To" button)
  • click New button

Error appears

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2012-04-20 03:24

developer   ~0031698

I confirmed the behavior.

As a workaround, instead of using the "Change Status To" button, please use the Edit button and pick a new Category from the list, select the New status then click the Update information.

As a side note, the warning which is displayed when deleting categories, is really here for a reason... You should take care of moving issues to a new category, before deleting the old one.



2019-03-10 06:26

reporter   ~0061657

any updates?



2019-03-23 14:17

reporter   ~0061749

maybe fixed?