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0014265mantisbtfilterspublic2014-08-23 08:55
Reportervtheiding Assigned Todregad  
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PlatformAppleOSMac OS XOS Version10.6.8
Product Version1.2.10 
Summary0014265: Cannot filter by Target Version or Fixed In Version over All Projects

When I switch to "All Projects" I cannot use these two fields for filtering. We are using version 1.2.3, which enabled this at least for Target Version. And I always missed it for Fixed In version, and never understood, why only one of this seemingly similar fields where available.

Additional Information

We depend quite a lot on this. We have a larger product which multiple components These are separate projects in Mantis. But the release versions and schedules are the same for all components. For me this means we will stick with version 1.2.3 for now. Therefore, for us this has a Severity of Major.

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duplicate of 0005668 acknowledged "versions" of parent project should be used in subprojects. 




2012-06-23 06:43

reporter   ~0032161

Hi dregad,
you marked my issue as a duplicate of 5668. While that issue is about subprojects, mine is about filtering over all projects, especially as we do not use subprojects. Is this technically the same, i.e. solving the other issue will also solve mine? Or are you suggesting we reorganize our projects and make them a subproject of a new pseudo project?
Thanks, vtheiding



2012-06-25 07:00

developer   ~0032172

Indeed, I believe it's the same root cause, and fixing one should fix the other.

However, this is a very complex issue so don't get your hopes too high of having it resolved any time soon :-/

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