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Summary0014768: Updater can able to change the description/steps to reproduce while updating issue

Hi Guys,

I found an issue in my company which need to be solved immediately, that issue is developers/updaters can able to change the description/summary

of a bug which is given by a tester/reporter earlier. Here the bug description should not be able to edit, instead he(updater) can add a note while

updating status.Can you pls suggest a solution for this?? waiting for your reply. Thanks in advance.

Additional Information

how can i make it(summary & description) not editable when a developer updating the issue.?

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2012-10-03 05:00


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2012-10-03 05:12

developer   ~0033007

As far as I know, this is not feasible out of the box; the ability to update is given globally at issue level and does not allow any granularity to specify individual fields.

This functionality would require changes in the core; you're more than welcome to try and implement it yourself, and submit your proposal here (or as a pull request on github) for review.

Note that each field change is recorded in history, and given the proper access level one can actually see the log of changes to updated fields, you'd have evidence that the fields were modified.



2012-10-03 05:34

reporter   ~0033012

Hi Dregad,

Thanks for the info. I understood the process. I will try to screw it, if it works then i will pull it to github. Thank You :)