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0001509mantisbtemailpublic2002-03-28 22:35
Reporterepu Assigned Toprescience  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
PlatformIE v6.0.2600.000OSwin2kOS Versionmantis .16.1
Product Version0.17.0 
Summary0001509: Mailto links don't send the same subject header as automatic mailer

Sending mail to the handler or the reporter via their mailto links sends email with the subject set to "summary string". Automatically generated email's subject is set to "[project bug_id]: summary string". For consistancy and usefulness, Mantis emails need to match each other.

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Mailto: client is Outlook Express.

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2002-03-28 22:35

reporter   ~0002231

Fixed in CVS. Will be in 0.17.2

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