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0015266mantisbtfeaturepublic2012-12-20 06:19
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Summary0015266: Include an option for an "Assign to" page (similar to "Resolve" and "Close")

It would be useful to be able to set values for custom fields, priority, target version etc. when assigning an issue without the overhead of using the update page.

This could be an optional feature and be similar to the pages used for resolving or closing an issue (see picture attachment). If implemented, there would need to be extra options for custom fields to make them shown or mandatory on this page.

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related to 0014841 acknowledged Unable to customise fields shown on "change status" pages 




2012-12-07 07:14


assign_issue.png (9,690 bytes)   
assign_issue.png (9,690 bytes)   


2012-12-07 08:20

developer   ~0034502

Did you try 'Change Status To' --> Assigned ?

Seems to me that does exactly what you described...



2012-12-07 08:32

reporter   ~0034503

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No I had not tried that and it is very close to what I described.
I guess this doesn't need a new page then.

How would I include the "Priority" and "Target Version" fields (and any custom fields) on this page?



2012-12-07 09:18

developer   ~0034504

Unfortunately, Mantis does not allow to customize fields appearing on change status pages at the moment.

This feature has already been requested in 0014841

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