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0015276mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2022-01-05 03:08
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Product Version1.2.12 
Summary0015276: Custom field "Date" 31 days every month.

For example:
February still display 31 days.

Hope it automatically changes the correct number of days.

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related to 0004454 assignedsyncguru 31 February ??? 
related to 0008957 assignedsyncguru Date Selector for Custom Fields 
child of 0015281 assignedsyncguru Consistent user interface for date fields 




2012-12-11 20:53

reporter   ~0034528

Last edited: 2012-12-11 20:56

I think the automatic change suggested is not good.
When using the date format dd/MM/yyyy, if a month is already selected and it has 30 days, you have to change the month first and then go "back" and pick a day.

A little further, I think the best UI is a plain text input so you can type a date completely using the numpad (besides the javascript calendar-like date selector, discussed in 0008957, for the people with the hand "tied to the mouse").



2012-12-12 06:04

developer   ~0034533

@atrol - I would personally have closed this as duplicate of 0004454.

@sergiodf - I agree with your suggestion of single text field + date picker as a better UI for date entry



2012-12-12 07:01

developer   ~0034534

We have no single place in code where we deal with date/time and calendar

For example we have also "Due Date" which uses the calendar control if JavaScript is enabled and also the "Date Order" field for project versions.

This one is for custom fields, 0004454 is for filters.
If you fix one of them, the other one is not fixed.
That's why I didn't resolve as duplicate.



2012-12-12 07:37

developer   ~0034535

Last edited: 2012-12-12 11:00

OK fair enough, that's a good point.

I think we should consider standardizing these date fields at some point, maybe create a parent issue to set as target in next release and link this and any other related issue.

EDIT: parent created, see 0015281



2012-12-12 11:21

reporter   ~0034536

I perfer to use the single text field + JavaScript select UI like
It saves many time for me.
I will try to modify my site code first. Thanks for attention :")



2017-03-30 15:52

developer   ~0056284

Fixed after changes to fix 0008957



2017-04-16 18:50

developer   ~0056591

Reopened. Due to regressions, the changes have been reverted and will be targeted to next release