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0015466mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2018-03-12 13:55
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Product Version1.2.12 
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Summary0015466: Reporter can't see an issue they have been made a monitor of

I have a reporter who has access to a private project, but $g_limit_reporters is set true so normally they can only see their own issues.

However I have set $g_reminder_receive_threshold = REPORTER so I can make them monitor an issue. However they cannot see this issue, so I presume that limit_reporters overrides the fact they have been made a monitor of an issue.

Is this expected operation - because it is a nice feature to selectively allow reporters to see issues raised by others (such as developers).

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related to 0005702 acknowledged Giving access to user who is monitoring bug 
related to 0024106 new View all bug access 




2013-02-14 15:16

developer   ~0035149

@atrol, isn't that even a duplicate of 0005702 ?



2013-02-14 17:49

developer   ~0035154

I don't think this is a duplicate.

This one wants access for reporters to issues they did not report themselves although setting $g_limit_reporters = ON;

0005702 wants access to private issues for users without having $g_private_bug_threshold



2014-04-07 15:58

reporter   ~0039852

I can confirm that I expect the same behavior as timdavey1. I also reproduce this issue.

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