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Summary0016054: Refactoring the notion of "fixed issue"

Currently, an issue is considered as "fixed" if its resolution code is >= $g_bug_resolution_fixed_threshold and < $g_bug_resolution_not_fixed_threshold

Considering the way the resolution enum is currently defined, it leaves 'reopened' status in a kind of weird state as it's considered fixed by the above definition.

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As suggested by atrol in 0015653:0037182, the 2 thresholds config could be replaced by a new one, an array of resolutions to be considered as "fixed".

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2013-06-13 12:41

developer   ~0037185

Must be careful with bug_actiongroup_page.php and bug_change_status_page.php, as these rely on $g_bug_resolution_fixed_threshold not as a threshold, but as a default value for the selection list.

Must find a way to define that default (maybe using the array's 1st element).



2013-06-17 05:44

developer   ~0037213

maybe using the array's 1st element

Was also my 1st thought, but having also an UI for the configuration would mean that you have to offer an option for reordering the values.

So maybe something like $g_bug_default_resolution_fixed is easier to implement.



2016-11-29 17:47

developer   ~0054638

To add to this issue:

Is it correct to have "resolution" values that represent a non-resolution?
If this field was kept only for relevant values of resolution (as concept), then "open" is the absence of resolution.
If so, is "reopened" actually adding anything useful to the resolution semantics?

Note "bug_resolved_status_threshold":
There are some checks of which values of resolution are allowed in that status (0015653)
With the previous definition: this condition is "resolved status must have a not empty resolution"... similar to a custom field "require on resolve"

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