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0016952mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2019-09-17 08:15
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Product Version1.2.15 
Summary0016952: When reporting issue receive error on custom field, but issue is still created

I was doing a sample upgrade and the system did not like our checkbox configuration. When I reported an issue the red error appeared, "Invalid value for custom field xxxxx". I just assumed the creation of the issue failed.

So I guess there are two issues here:

  1. why is the checkbox configuration that worked in 1.1.x not accepted in 1.2.x? I converted it to radio buttons and it's fine.

  2. When I receive the error, why is the issue still being created? When I created the issue with the radio buttons and it went through without error, I noticed there were 5 issues in My View. See attached screen shot.

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2014-02-11 10:27


mantiserror.png (20,916 bytes)   
mantiserror.png (20,916 bytes)   


2014-02-11 11:51

developer   ~0039373

Please provide detailed, step-by-step instructions to reproduce the issue, including the exact custom field definition (before and after you changed it), also indicate if you have customized Mantis in any way and if so, how.



2014-02-11 15:45


before_chkbox-1_1_7.png (60,168 bytes)   
before_chkbox-1_1_7.png (60,168 bytes)   


2014-02-11 15:46


after_radiobutton-1_2_15.png (54,778 bytes)   
after_radiobutton-1_2_15.png (54,778 bytes)   


2014-02-11 15:54

reporter   ~0039377

Note on the Checkbox custom field:

OK, in 1.1.7 the field was defined as show in the attached "before_chk*png" file. I upgraded to mantis 1.2.15, so the field was actually the same. That was when the errors occurred as I mentioned, but the issue was created anyway. I didn't see anything in the documentation that explained changes to checkboxes.

I only got it to work with the radio buttons, which is the file "after*png".

In thinking about this - radio buttons actually make more sense because you may only select "yes" or "no", and not both at the same time. I did not originally set this up but it always worked. Maybe it shouldn't have.

With 1.1.7 the behavior of this field was as follows: if you check the box, "yes" is selected, otherwise unchecked box, sets it to "no".

My issue really is whether or not there is a bug with the upgrade. Theoretically as I mentioned, if you want only one individual selection, radio buttons are better anyway.



2014-02-11 15:56

reporter   ~0039378

Note on the fact that the issue was added when an error occurred:

My other issue which maybe should be separate from this one, is that although I got an error on a custom field definition, the issue was added/created/reported anyway.



2014-02-12 03:22

developer   ~0039380

Issue creation despite error sounds like the same issue as 0003759

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