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0017247mantisbtadministrationpublic2017-01-18 17:26
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Summary0017247: While importing the excel file from the 'Import Issues' options, getting Error's

For errors please refer attached screen shot.

if possible, please let me know if any dependencies are there for any 'Import Issues' options


SYSTEM WARNING: 'XMLReader::read(): /tmp/php1VNPZy:1: parser error : Document is empty' in '/var/www/html/mantisbt/plugins/XmlImportExport/ImportXml.php' line 77

SYSTEM WARNING: 'XMLReader::read(): PK' in '/var/www/html/mantisbt/plugins/XmlImportExport/ImportXml.php' line 77

SYSTEM WARNING: 'XMLReader::read(): ^' in '/var/www/html/mantisbt/plugins/XmlImportExport/ImportXml.php' line 77

SYSTEM WARNING: 'XMLReader::read(): An Error Occured while reading' in '/var/www/html/mantisbt/plugins/XmlImportExport/ImportXml.php' line 77

Importing file, please wait...
SYSTEM WARNING: 'XMLReader::read(): An Error Occured while reading' in '/var/www/html/mantisbt/plugins/XmlImportExport/ImportXml.php' line 88

Processing cross-references for 0 issues... Done

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2014-04-24 02:11


MantisImport.JPG (196,385 bytes)   
MantisImport.JPG (196,385 bytes)   


2014-05-03 16:45

manager   ~0040207

It looks like you are confused between csv import and xml import. The errors above are from the xml import plugin. Make sure you import and use the Csv Import to import csv files generated by Excel.



2014-05-05 03:47

reporter   ~0040211

Thank you for the feedback...
But here I'm importing the XLSX only not the XML, please refer the attached screenshot.

your advice will be much appreciated.

If needed, I'm fine with Web-Ex session also, please let me know your thought.



2014-05-06 05:26

developer   ~0040214

Even though XLSX files are effectively XML format, the structure is not the same as that used by the MantisBT XML Import plugin.

As mentioned by vboctor, you should export your spreadsheet as CSV then use the CSV import plugin (, or if you want to use the XML plugin, then use it also to export the data.

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