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Summary0017557: When moving issue system expects file to be where project files are and not where DB says it is

We have quite a few issues that have been moved around a lot. The attachments exist in the attachments subdirectory (as an example). The mantis bug file table points to this folder location. However when I move an issue I get an error because the file is not in the folder where the newly attached files get placed for this folder. attachments are obviously on disk not in db.

Sorry this is hard to explain. Here is an example:
issue 123 was moved to NewProj, from OldProj. attachement is in mantis/attachments, and folder field in DB record points to this (/opt/mantis/attachments).

when EvenNewerProj was created the attachments were assigned to be kept in /opt/mantis/attachments/EvenNewerProj subdirectory.

If I move issue 123 from NewProj to EvenNewerProj mantis is trying to move it from /opt/attachments/NewProj to /opt/mantis/attachments/EvenNewerProj because it expects all of the attachments to be there.

Shouldn't it check the DB record and then see if the file exists there and move it that way?

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2014-07-31 14:08

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I have sent email to the user list about this (and attached the messages as a file to this issue). It has some examples. Honestly I am not sure how it all got mismatched this way. I also noticed that sometimes the diskfile field has the full path to the attachment file as well.

We recently upgraded from 1.1.7 to 1.2.17. As far as I know I've followed all of the steps.

Should mantis have been moving them around all along as the issues were moved?



2014-07-31 14:41


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2016-06-10 12:12

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I sent email again today 6/10/2016. We moved a bunch of issues at once and got a bunch of failures. Some of the files could be moved manually and then I could move the issues. Sometimes this failed, and I actually had to delete the attachments and add them again.

I am trying to figure out what should be in the records for the attachment files. As I've mentioned before, most of our attachments have full path names for the diskfile and a directory path too.



2016-06-10 12:13

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I couldn't update my note, we've upgraded again to 1.2.19 since the previous note on 7/31/2014.



2016-06-14 08:16

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As per my email to the help list on June 14, 2016, I tried to give a more specific example. See below.

One more thing,

  • the person moving the issues received those errors as per my original email while trying to move to a certain project.
  • Then he accidentally chose another project that was created more recently and the issues moved without these errors.
  • Then when I tried to move them back to the correct project, I got these errors again.

The project we wished to move the issues to (i'll call projx) is configured like this:

projx: Upload file path: /opt/mantis/attachments/projx/

The project that he successfully and mistakenly moved them all to is projz. It is set up like this:

projz: Upload file path: /opt/mantis/attachments/

The data from the manits_bug_file_table for a file that is causing an error looked like this, (but now the actual upload path is /opt/mantis/projx because I've moved the issue and manually made it work):


In this example this issue was moved about 4 times, but some time along the way as you can see from the data, the attachment is at oldprojy/ga2/..... but when I tried to move it, because it was now in projz, mantis was expecting /opt/mantis/attachments/<file>, and it wasn't there.

I am sorry this is so hard to explain. My real question is why does it work sometimes and others times not work. Also should I be updating anything a different way to make it work?

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