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0018033mantisbtemailpublic2015-04-07 17:04
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Summary0018033: Email not triggering status update

Earlier whenever we change status of any issue or any new issue reported email triggers to assigned project users but from last few days emails not coming on new issues or change status of any existing issue.

please help.

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2015-01-19 03:38

developer   ~0042199

Did you check your email sending queue ? Are you receiving any notifications from mantis at all ?
Were the system or user preferences for notifications changed ?



2015-01-19 03:44

reporter   ~0042200

How to check email sending queue ? (Note we do not have much traffic on mentis)
No,we do not receiving any notifications'
No,i did not change any preferences except just updated again



2015-01-19 05:28

developer   ~0042204

How to check email sending queue ?

Use admin tools
(note, if Mantis has been installed as per recommendation, the admin directory should have been deleted, you might have to temporarily put it back)

except just updated again

What is that supposed to mean ?



2015-01-19 06:13

reporter   ~0042205

Just Updated again means i checked that all privileges set or not for users and then click update preference to ensure preferences.If you wish i can give you log in

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