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0019590mantisbtattachmentspublic2016-07-19 04:19
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Summary0019590: Attach via drag-and-drop

Attaching screenshot and files to MantisBT is not streamlined compared to modern web apps. People expect to drag-and-drop their files into the web app or paste the images within the text.

This need has triggered development of the following plugin:

As an extension to the modern UI work, I would like us to add support for drag and drop for attachments using the following library:

Using such approach will require us to upload the file to the server before submitting the issue. This will eventually require a schema change when upload method is DATABASE, but we can start by support it for DISK upload method then add the DATABASE once the feature is in.

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2015-08-15 23:59

developer   ~0051266

This is implemented and is now part of modern-ui pull request.

Attached is an animated gif to show the feature in action.

For this implementation,I used dropzone.js instead which provides much better solution.

dragNdrop.gif (562,638 bytes)


2015-08-16 05:05

developer   ~0051268

I assume you mean

Nice functionality
Unfortunately it seems to be a one man show, but same applies to jQuery-File-Upload.



2015-08-16 17:41

manager   ~0051274

The thing I like about this library is that it enabled the functionality without changing the backend code. Not sure if the other libraries offered the same, but it is exciting to have this feature.



2015-08-17 08:26

developer   ~0051281

Tried some browsers.
FF 40 and IE 11 work,
Edge on Windows 10 does not work (can't drop, clicking works)



2015-08-17 11:39

manager   ~0051283

That matches my finding as well. I've only found Edge not fully work. Testing on Chrome/Safari for Mac and Internet Explorer for Windows 10 works.



2015-08-30 14:02

developer   ~0051330

Looks like Edge does not support drag and drop yet. Need to keep an eye on this issue: [^]

Thread on Edge drag and drop: [^]

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