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0020117mantisbthtmlpublic2016-03-09 19:13
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PlatformXAMPOSWindowsOS Version7
Product Version1.2.17 
Summary0020117: Project hyperlinks don't point to project page.

On the view_all_bug_page.php page, the project hyperlink is this: http://<SERVER>/mantisbt/view_all_set.php?sort=project_id&dir=DESC&type=2

I'd like it to link to project_page.php?project_id=<project id>.

Steps To Reproduce

Hmm. Your View Issues page does not include a project link. Can I assume it has been modified from the default? The default install has a hyperlink here with the project name, and the hyperlink does not point to the project_page as I suspect it should. I tried to have a look at the php page contents, but I don't know php (yet). I'd be happy to make the change and even submit a patch, if I can get a few pointers on where to start.

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2015-09-15 10:00

developer   ~0051469

The mentioned links on the "View Issues" page are used to sort by the column column values, thus they can't be used for other purposes.
Furthermore your approach would not work if you have selected "All Projects".

Hmm. Your View Issues page does not include a project link.
Change your column settings on page "My Accout" > "Manage Columns" to see the project.

Do you agree that we can close this issue?



2015-09-15 10:42

reporter   ~0051470

Actually, it's the All Projects page where the link appears. I thought the column label hyperlink was used to sort the (forward/reverse) the list of issues.

I'm looking at the referenced page to change column settings, but I don't expect to find what I'm looking for. I found out looking through the mantis change history, that the project_page?project_id=<> was a page added recently, and doesn't appear to have any references in the entire MantisBT solution. So I'm not surprised that the project hyperlink doesn't point to it as it does for the developer hyperlink.

Am I correct in assuming I should change this to a feature request? You're free to close this, it's clearly not a bug.



2015-09-15 11:14

developer   ~0051471

I understand now a bit more what you mean, but I am still not complete sure.
Please add a screen shot with some comments.

and doesn't appear to have any references
that's true and seems to be intended, it has been intoduced in 0006824
I never used this page.
You get a quite confusing UI if you open this page, especially if your current project is not the same that is referenced by the link.



2015-09-15 12:54


2015-09-15 12_51_07-.png (52,147 bytes)   
2015-09-15 12_51_07-.png (52,147 bytes)   


2015-09-15 12:59

reporter   ~0051472

Here's an image which might help. Let me know if this is not clear.

I've only called it manually passing in the project id number, which of course was how it was designed. You would have to use the browser back button, I suppose to get back, but that would be ok.

The project name I've used is perhaps not the best -- the contract number. The project description, though, includes the customer name and contact information, and although the number alone is sufficient for a developer, management will not immediately recognize the number.

Do you think this is achievable? Do you think this would be too much for a programmer unfamiliar with PHP to modify?

Regardless, thanks for looking at this.



2015-09-15 13:27

developer   ~0051473

Atrol, i found that:
If project column is not shown, the linked project name showed over category, as knockNrod says, it does nothing.
However, if project column is shown, the link loads the view bug page sorted by project id.

This could be reviewed, to avoid this case, or even think for a better usage of that link. (I cant see much usefulness, pesonally)

As for knockNrod issue:
this would be simple to change code to show the link you want, but his request for help may be better placed in the forum.
key places are: function print_column_category_id in "columns_api.php" or creating custom function override for "custom_function_default_print_column_value"



2015-09-15 13:58

reporter   ~0051475

Thank you! I'll find the forum and sign up, have a look at the code modules indicated and see if I'm in over my head.

I'd say close this. If I can figure it out, I'll submit the patch along with the feature request. At that point, my problem goes away, and if the patch is useful to others, I'm happy to share.



2015-09-15 15:24

reporter   ~0051476

I don't know about side effects, but I was able to make some educated guesses to get it to work. I'll toss the following lines up on the forum to get instructions on what diff format to submit and see if there's a general interest. (Perhaps someone there will suggest side-effects to test against.)

#print_view_bug_sort_link( string_display_line( $t_project_name ), 'project_id', $t_sort, $t_dir, $p_columns_target );

print_link( "project_page.php?project_id=$p_bug->project_id", $t_project_name );



2015-09-15 16:08

developer   ~0051478

Here's an image which might help. Let me know if this is not clear.
Now it is clear. It was quite confusing before as you didn't mention that you are talking about the "Category" column.



2015-09-15 16:21

developer   ~0051479

cproensa, thanks for your comment.

his could be reviewed, to avoid this case, or even think for a better usage of that link. (I cant see much usefulness, pesonally)

Same for me

or creating custom function override for "custom_function_default_print_column_value"
That's the right solution as long as there is no solution in standard Mantis



2015-09-16 04:23

developer   ~0051480

It seems to me like this is more-or-less duplicate of 0004134, 0005787, 0007001 and 0009910



2015-09-16 08:47

reporter   ~0051483

Kudos for finding duplicates. You wouldn't know it form that list, but I really did look for duplicates before posting.

Can I request that whatever you decide to use that link for, that the link to the developer name in the Status column match? It looks a bit schizophrenic when two similar things on a UI perform unrelated actions. The only affordance given is the intuitive expectation of a hyperlink, and I would argue that a hyperlink to a subject, like, should not do something un-hyperlink-like. I suggest, however, that if it is to remain a filter/sort for project, that better affordance be provided to make it clear that it is supposed to do something besides take the user to the proffered article-pertaining-to hyperlink. A button, perhaps? Or [sort by «project_id»]?

If you do decide to change the project link to take you to a project description page, there is another opportunity to take advantage of the same link in my_view_inc.php, line 359. The post I threw up on the forum has not garnered any interest as far as I can tell. I'm guessing most folks (these five related issue reporters aside) just don't care. If that's the case, you might be better off just to remove the hyperlink altogether.



2015-09-16 11:03

developer   ~0051484

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The Kudos actually go to atrol who found most of them, I just added the last one ;-)

I fully agree that the current hyperlink's target is not right. A project info page is probably the most meaningful target, but the one we currently have (project_page.php) was introduced in 2006 (see 0006824) and modified in 2007 (0008101) to add the list of developers.

The page is currently not referenced anywhere in the code.

It would need a serious overhaul (and some thinking about what information it should display).



2016-03-09 19:10

developer   ~0052727

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I suggest removing the project link from the category field:

  • A predictable target is either a project page (which is not actively mantained), or maybe, reload the filter using only that project.
  • As it's now, sorting by project doesn't add much, i can use the project column directly
  • As it's now, it's behaviour is skewed when the project column is not present.

and last, but not least, it creates a wider row in the bug list.

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