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0020318mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2015-11-30 00:56
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Product Version1.2.19 
Summary0020318: Same Email received while updating different reports

I have reported four to five bugs for a project which I have created. I'm able to view those updated issue in the Mantis login page.

But when I get the email notification, a mail which has been earlier been sent is constantly resent.

Instead of Updating the bugs, its showing that it is getting Deleted.

Can you please help me on this.

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2015-11-26 04:59


Vignesh 1.jpg (413,346 bytes)


2015-11-26 04:59


Vignesh 2.jpg (262,738 bytes)   
Vignesh 2.jpg (262,738 bytes)   


2015-11-26 05:00


Vignesh 3.jpg (483,153 bytes)


2015-11-26 05:22

developer   ~0051948

please see 0016070 in case you are experiencig the issue described there.



2015-11-27 06:51

developer   ~0051952

It's not really clear from your screenshots what the problem actually is.

Looking at the issues referenced in your inbox (Vignesh 3), we can clearly see that they are not present in the issues list (Vignesh 1), for example, deleted issues 106..111 (framed in red). Obviously I'm assuming you have not applied any filters in the view issues page.

The messages you have highlighed with arrows are NOT THE SAME (look at issue ID in square brackets).

My guess is that these issues have been created by cloning, and subsequently deleted.

In other words, it looks like normal operations to me.



2015-11-30 00:56

reporter   ~0051970

Let me explain the issue to you in details

In the first image(Vignesh 1), I have created a new issue in the name of "TEST".

In the second image(Vignesh 2), Instead of receiving a mail saying a new issue has been created, I have received another mail in which the issue was already closed.

In the third image(Vignesh 3), I need to know why I'm receiving a mail saying "Session Timings mismatch" and why it is saying "The following issue has been DELETED" instead of "UPDATING" the newly generated Issue.

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