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0021080mantisbtcustom fieldspublic2016-06-12 00:46
Reporteraxedre Assigned Todregad  
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Product Version1.2.19 
Summary0021080: Filtering on simple custom field of type string does not work

I've added the "Customer" field to my project in order to track bugs by customer who reported it (it serves as a reminder of whom to reach out once the bug is fixed). I've read about issues where filtering would not work for multiselection list custom fields; but in my case it is a simple string field so I don't have to keep the list updated once a customer arises or gets discontinued. See screenshot ("Cliente" is Italian for "Customer").

Additional Information

I've been experiencing this ever since I added the custom "tested" state system-wide following the steps described here:

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related to 0011467 new Bug view page search within customized fields 
related to 0007183 acknowledged new search function on field and custom field 




2016-06-10 03:25


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mantis 003.png (118,979 bytes)   


2016-06-10 04:38

developer   ~0053299

I've been experiencing this ever since I added the custom "tested" state system-wide

This implies that it was working before - is it really the case ?

I don't have time to check in depth at the moment, but that would be surprising, as if I'm not mistaken the text search only operates on MantisBT "standard" text fields (i.e. Description, Steps to reproduce, Additional information and bug notes)

To filter based on your custom field (regardless of its type), you need to use the specific filter field that should be present somewhere in the form above the "Apply Filter" button.



2016-06-10 05:38

reporter   ~0053301

I'm quite positive it used to work.
There <i>is</i> indeed a specific filter field for my custom field in the form above the apply filter button, but often* I need to search for occurrences of my customer both in the custom field and in bug description/notes; that's why I leave the custom filter field in the form set to [any] and then just use the search text box.

  • by that I mean that I frequently set the custom field to "Various" on a bug and in the bug description or notes I list the affected customers. Hence my need of typing "foo" in the search box and being presented with all bugs whose custom "customer" field equals "foo" OR its description / additional info / bug notes contains "foo"


2016-06-10 06:50

developer   ~0053302

I'm quite positive it used to work.

And here is the hard evidence that it cannot possibly have, unless you have customized the source code.

As far as I can tell, the system works as designed, so I will close this issue as "No change required". If you feel that the text search should cover all text fields, feel free to reopen the issue; it will then be recategorized as a feature request, but I don't think it will be very high on the priority list unless you are willing to contribute a patch.

Also note that you can perform 'OR' filters by selecting 'Any Condition' in the 'Match Type' form field.



2016-06-10 08:20

developer   ~0053303

If you feel that the text search should cover all text fields, feel free to reopen the issue
Not needed, there is already 0011467 and also 0007183 with some patches (did not have a deeper look at it)



2016-06-10 09:07

reporter   ~0053304

Thanks atrol, fixed by following your link to bug 0007183 and applying customization as suggested by note

Dregad, not sure if there were prior customizations to source code, but it's possible because colleagues claim it used to work, so one of the steps I followed to add a custom bug state (as pointed out in the additional info) must have reverted such customizations and restored Mantis' default behavoir.