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0021138mantisbtuipublic2023-02-16 11:35
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Summary0021138: Wrong display of sponsorship section

The sponsorship section is displayed using old UI style

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related to 0032037 closeddregad Remove "sponsorship_total" from columns default 




2016-06-18 10:35

manager   ~0053410

I recall I had a PR to remove this feature and we deferred to v2, though I can't find it anymore. I may be confused with another feature. Is it time to just remove it instead of fix it?

@atrol @dregad what are your thoughts about removing the feature from master?



2016-06-18 12:34

developer   ~0053411

Last edited: 2016-06-18 13:03

I can't find it anymore
I assume you mean news feature

I don't use sponsorships.
0014107 and 0012720 have been the last issues entered by a user related to this feature.
I opened 0017662 some while ago which has been closed by you as "won't fix"

I hardly get questions related to sponsorships in form.
It seems there are just very few users using (maybe just trying) this feature.

A clean removal of sponsorship would require a database schema change.
I would like us to have the same schema in 1.3.x and 2.0.x as it would be fine to be able to run 1.3 and 2.0 in parallel, connected to the same database.

The general problem is, that we hardly know what our users are doing.
What about asking them some questions in release announcement for 1.3.0?
Something like:
Our plan is to remove some MantisBT features to be able to concentrate on most used core features.
Which of the following features do you use?

  • News
  • Sponsorships


2016-06-18 17:53

developer   ~0053419

As per the draft release notes for 1.3.0 we discussed last week, Sponsorship is noted as deprecated. I don't think it was listed as such before that, and furthermore this does not seem to be documented anywhere (e.g. admin guide, config_defaults_inc.php), which is something that needs to be done prior to releasing 1.3.0.

I don't use this feature myself.

I would like us to have the same schema in 1.3.x and 2.0.x

+1 to that.

But we can do the removal of sponsorship in 2 steps

  1. code in 2.0.x
  2. db schema in next feature release

What about asking them some questions in release announcement for 1.3.0?

That sounds great on paper, but to do this right we should really setup a proper survey (like rombert wanted to do several years ago, leading me to setup Limesurvey, but that never got anywhere)



2016-06-18 18:10

developer   ~0053420

setup Limesurvey, but that never got anywhere

I remembered it and that's why I thought it's better in this case to ask users in a simple way instead of not asking them.
Of course, a real survey would be great.



2016-06-18 18:18

developer   ~0053421

to ask users in a simple way

I'm concerned that

  1. we'll get only few responses, and
  2. it will take efforts to collect (and analyze) whatever feedback we'd get


2016-06-18 18:31

developer   ~0053423

What's the problem for users and for us if we write just something like:

The MantisBT team would like to remove the following features in next version.

  • News
  • Sponsorships

Please provide feedback at [1] if keeping this functionality is essential for your usage of MantisBT.

[1] Topic we create in our forum