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0021291mantisbtapi soappublic2017-08-17 16:18
ReporterCrayon Assigned To 
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Product Version1.3.0 
Summary0021291: Remove mc_issue_checkin from MantisConnect

Hello, I think that <b>mc_issue_checkin</b> should be removed from MantisConnect:

The functionality was removed in this commit:

But it is still present in mantisconnect.wsdl:

Yesterday, after upgrading to 1.3.0, my C++ app that was using mc_issue_checkin stopped working so I am now using <b>mc_issue_note_add</b> (view_state = private) and <b>mc_issue_update</b> (status + resolution) to replace the old behavior.

I'm not a SOAP expert so I did not want to change the file on GitHub and do a Push Request.

If this is not right, just close the issue.

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2016-07-16 03:25

developer   ~0053612

@rombert, is complete removal the right way?



2016-07-16 15:30

reporter   ~0053617

@atrol, no we should rather return a meaningful error message.

@Crayon - would you be able to submit a PR which returns an error instead of removing the method outright?



2016-07-22 16:25

reporter   ~0053696

@rombert, I am not really familiar with SOAP / WSDL. I am using a WSDL Importer ( which will generate all the methods I can use in C++. So using that tool will generate the <b>mc_issue_checkin</b> function.

If I decide to call it, I will get this exception: <i>Project raised exception class ERemotableException with message 'Function 'mc_issue_checkin' doesn't exist'.</i>

I find it odd to retrieve a function that should not be used.

From what I understand from this post ( there is no real way to deprecate a SOAP method.



2017-08-17 16:18

reporter   ~0057489

Hmm, it seems that this function was removed in , more than 7 years ago :-) . Good catch @Crayon.

So indeed the WSDL should be adjusted to take this into account

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